I am a new instructional designer with a passion for learning in all mediums.

I have a MSc in Medical Anthropology with a research focus in gender & sexuality studies and their permeation into biomedicine.

I also have a B.A. in Biochemistry with a research focus in the genetic mutation of a protein. I am interested in the research within the analytical framework of biopolitics and conceptions of selfhood, the paradigm shifts in medicine regarding Transgender patients and how the media can shape public perception of infectious disease.

I am currently interested in gaining more knowledge and skills in building eLearning solutions to enhance reception and retrieval of gained skills, while also building eLearning that reflects our digital age. When not contemplating the above, I like a good pizza and cuddling the cats (even though they don’t want to).

Please go to my Portfolio page for more insight into my journey through the edX LDT100x MOOC.